ALACRAO hosts annual meetings and college fairs at various locations around the state of Alabama. Information about upcoming events and organizational deadlines is available here.

79th Annual Meeting: June 12-14, 2017 - Mobile

This year ALACRAO will go marching into downtown Mobile for our annual meeting at The Admiral Hotel. Make plans now to join us for our 79th Annual Meeting as we celebrate ALACRAO’s 81st year in higher education. Conference registration is now live, click here to sign up today! Priority deadline for the conference and for registration refunds is June 2nd.

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Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

We rely on the knowledge and expertise of our 500-plus members to make our conference sessions a success. If you have an idea for a session for an Annual Meeting, we want to hear from you!

Remember, sessions must be approximately 45 minutes in length and must be applicable to a broad audience of higher education professionals. Click here to submit your proposal today! The deadline to submit session proposals for the 2017 conference is April 1st. 

Corporate Presentations at the 79th Annual Meeting

Organizations and businesses offering goods and services to institutions of higher education may present sessions through our Corporate Presentation category. Sessions are considered corporate when the subject matter promotes a company's product(s). 

For information on corporate presentations and fees, check back here this spring or email the President, Ronnie McKinney at  


79th ALACRAO Conference Sessions 

Gap Financing Options

Many students and families will be considering financing a portion of their college education with either a federal PLUS loan or a private student loan, when scholarships and financial aid are not enough. This session highlights the differences between the PLUS and private student loan programs. The focus will be on encouraging responsible borrowing and what you can do to help educate your students and families on finding the right solution for their gap needs. By attending this session you will gain a deeper understanding of the gap financing tools that students and families use and will be better equipped to answer their questions.

How America Pays for College 2016

How America Pays for College, a national study by Sallie Mae® and Ipsos of undergraduates and their parents, looks at how families paid for college in the 2015-2016 academic year. This annual study, now in its ninth year, trends attitudes toward the value of college as well as which resources families draw on over time. This year’s study shows that while the average total amount spent on college was the same as it had been in 2014-15, families paid less out-of-pocket due to an increased use of scholarships and grants to cover costs. It also takes a closer look at how cost affects school choice, and at the measures families take to make college more affordable. This session will discuss the sources of funds families used to pay for college in 2015-16, with some breakouts by school type, by course of study and by region of the country.

You, Me and Us: Identifying and Cultivating Collaborative Campus Partnerships

The purpose of this presentation is to equip admissions officers and registrar professionals to seek and create meaningful relationships with campus partners – and maybe some off-campus, too! We will discuss purposes of campus partnerships, how to identify potential partnerships, how to create them and finally what we can do to maintain and cultivate these partnerships once they are built. The presentation will include both a short theoretical foundation and a number of practical strategies. We’ll also discuss how to manage conflict between partnerships. The presenter will share a few examples and stories along the way, and the discussion will always be open for participants to share their experiences.

SEVP at a Glance

A presentation can range in topics to not only include the a wide range of topics as I can offer a session on most any topic that you would like concerning F-1/M-1 students if requested

Do all the Pieces of the Puzzle Fit?

Presentation on what a fully integrated Registrar’s Office involves
-Do the pieces fit?
-Does the catalog match the Degree Audit System?
-Does the Departmental Check sheet match the Degree Audit/Degree Map
-How transparent are your degree requirements?
-Do Students know what it really takes to graduate

Hot Topics Facing Registrars

Allow Registrars to list their top 5 hot topics, and discuss with other Registrar's concerning best practices. Solutions will be shared with the group.

Working with the Generations

By 2020, we will have five generations working side by side. As a supervisor, how should you relate to employees of different age groups? How do you motivate someone much older or much younger than you? What can you do to encourage employees of different generations to share their knowledge? And finally, why is it important to change your thought process on supervising all generations.

FERPA Jeopardy

Test your knowledge playing FERPA Jeopardy. This will be like no other jeopardy you have ever played before! Are you competitive? Are you sure you have all the answers? Come find out how FERPA ready you are.

Catching More Students with Honey than with Vinegar! Executing Simple Strategies to Increasing Enrollment Through Customer Service.

Are you delivering excellent customer service? Do you impress customers during each interaction? Are you looking for better ways to connect to customers? Does your staff meet the need of the student? If not, you must go beyond delivering your product and develop a strong relationship with your customers. It is essential that you provide a unique customer service experience by proactively anticipating your customers' needs and expectations, exceeding them each time. Higher education staff should want to make a significant contribution to their institutions image or bottom line and make their office lives easier by delivering consistent and exceptional customer service.

Technology and Remote Work

This topic will be more important than ever as Alabama considers incorporating the Fair Labor Standards Act with regards to overtime. With this decision, more schools might opt to hire area recruiters. Advances in technology make alternative arrangements such as remote work or telecommuting a viable option for many organizations. As we consider this change, we can look at the paradoxes of working out of a traditional office setting: increased flexibility and increased structure, greater individuality and more teamwork, and more responsibility and greater control (Pearson & Saunders, 2001). From the lens of a communications studies field, I will present current data on technology's effect on remote work arrangements and important issues to take into consideration.

Social Media and the Road

It can be very hard to balance working from the road and running the social media for an entire office. Come learn how the JSU social media liaisons handle it all.

If Your School Is So Great, Why Didn’t You Go There? How to Recruit For a School You Didn't Attend

Are you recruiting for a school that you did not attend? Come and learn some strategies to help you better serve students and your newly adopted school!

It's All Fun and Games

Learn different types of icebreakers and games that will promote unity and comradery within student tour guide groups or organizations.

Making the Most of TES-Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource

Are you using TES to look up course descriptions? Come find out how you can maximize TES to create public view transfer equivalency tables, update Banner, and utilize the built in workflow feature to obtain departmental approval across campus. Your advisors can use this interactive tool to help prospective students assess which credits will transfer to your institution and make requests for individual course evaluations.

A Whole New World

New to admissions and figuring everything out? Moving up in the world to a new position and have no clue what you have gotten yourself into? No worries – we’re here to help! Join Molly Kate and Laine as we take you on a journey through our experiences of learning the ropes. Molly Kate will give us insight on the “dos and don’ts” of your first travel season, while Laine will share the interesting aspects of being a first-time supervisor managing millennials.

The Freshman Advantage: How to Utilize Your First-Year Students for Recruitment

Most colleges and universities have some type of student group to help with recruitment efforts, be it student tour guides, student ambassadors, office assistants, etc. Most of the time those students are upperclassmen – we typically want them to have at least a year's worth of college experience before they apply for those types of positions. But you might be surprised to know that first-year students at your institution can be some of your best recruiters – even in their first semester on campus! Come learn more about one university’s experience with a first-year student recruitment group, how it works, and most importantly, *why* it works.

Veteran Tracking at a Small Institution

Processes and reports used by a small institution with baseline Banner and ARGOS to aid in tracking and certifying students using Federal VA Education Benefits.

Maximizing Your Private Visit

Private visits can sometimes be tricky, and the setup style can change from high school to high school. In this session, we will explore the process and offer some helpful tips to ensure your private visit runs smoothly and effectively.

Women in Higher Ed

What all does it take to advance and climb a higher education ladder? How can we balance family and work life? Is it possible to retire from Higher Education and make a comfortable living? All the tools you need and more to stay on top and surpass your male competition.

Tricks of the Trade! Learn How to Let the Good Times Roll on the Road

Mastering the grueling fall semester travel schedule can be a task within its own. In this session, participants will learn a few tips on how to prevent burn out, stretch per diem, and keep a positive attitude. You may even hear examples of comical questions from prospective students!

Lessons Learned: Hits and Misses in Regional Recruitment

As the number of regional recruiters increases with universities, the potential for great success and missteps also increase. We will share some of the successes and pitfalls that the University of South Alabama has experienced while integrating in-state and out-of-state regional recruiters into the recruitment office. This presentation will cover training from a distance, dealing with technology issues, how to handles unexpected situations that may arise, and how to keep regional staff connected to campus. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences with/as Regional recruiters.

Transforming Change of Majors into an Electronic Automated Process

At UAB, improved customer service was achieved automating the change of major process. The session will discuss and demonstrate key components of defining, hiding as well as creating welcome messages.

Their Student Stories Inspire New Student Stories

What is the most powerful recruiting at your disposal? How does hearing from current students within an institution or program, impact a potential student’s decision? At UA Early College, current students, known as ambassadors, provide a firsthand account of their experiences to better inform interested students and parents. Throughout this session, we will discuss how students that were recently being recruited, crossed the line to become recruiters themselves. There are three main aspects to being a UA Early College Ambassador: promoting and marketing the brand, training and maintaining professionalism, and encouraging community builders. You won’t just hear from us; you’ll hear their stories directly from them!

Departmental Recruiter: Rogue Recruiter or Amazing Ally?

This presentation will define the role of a departmental recruiter and review collaboration efforts to increase student enrollment, retention, and success.

Building Bridges: Blazing the Trail for Joint Programs in Alabama

Is your institution interested in starting a joint admission program? Come find out what we are doing to build bridges between UAB and our community college partners!

Don’t Be a Has-Been: A roadmap for the transition from student recruiter to admissions counselor

Student recruiters—tour guides, orientation leaders, and ambassadors—are often good candidates for admissions counselor positions, but they can face pitfalls. How can we maximize their success in the transition? This session will identify some of the strengths and challenges facing these students-turned-counselors. We will also provide strategies to help you introduce student recruiters to the admissions profession and foster their success as admissions professionals.

Staying Healthy on the Road

Marcel and I would like to team up and do a session on "Staying Healthy on the Road" I will do the portion on staying active, which will consist of giving some workout ideas to do right in your hotel room. Marcel will talk on meal prepping and healthy eating.

Partnering with Community Colleges to Increase Transfer Enrollment

Jacksonville State University has launched a new initiative to increase the number of Transfer students from community colleges. This session will cover what was done to plan/implement the Transfer Pathway Program and what steps are currently being taken to pilot our Pathway at Gadsden State Community College. Also, University of Montevallo's Joint Admissions Program, The step by step of starting the conversation on your campus, finding the best programs to offer students, and taking it to the community colleges to reach Transfer students.

Men/Women in Higher Education

This will be a panel discussion composed of higher education professionals who represent 2/4 year institutions. The event will cover topics like professional development, tips for the road, office politics, etc.

The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Henderson (South Alabama) and facilitated by Bishop Alexander (VP of Professional Development). Other featured panelists will be Phillip Moss (MSU), Jade Wagner (JSU), TJ Smith (Shelton State), and two more reps such as a Director of Enrollment Management.

Communication Tools for Laser Beam Focus: Recruiting/Retention/Outreach

97% of students say that text messaging is their primary form of communication. This presentation will look at how to effectively engage prospective and current students. How students want to be communicated with is changing and communication tools need to change. Integrating two-way text messaging into your communication strategy is critical to successfully recruiting and retaining students. Communication is a great illustration of this statement. CampusCast Engage is a flexible communication system that enables administrators to invest in and build relationships with students in every stage of their college experience. Come see how to strategically utilize two-way texting, email, voice, and social media messages.

Certified Electronic Diplomas, Paper Diplomas, ediplomas: What are the differences and why is digital signing a document simply not enough?

As the pioneer and creator of the Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma®), Paradigm, Inc is the only company to offer a secure, portable and trusted electronic solution for diplomas and credentials. Accepted by both State and International Governments, Certifying Boards and Employers the CeDiploma® is a transactional document that provides the student with a secure alternative to the transcript. Paradigm offers the only solution allowing independent validation of the CeDiploma®: an indisputable response from you, the Credentialer, that the diploma is authentic and valid. The differences in ediplomas, paper diplomas and CeDiplomas are vast and varied. Come and learn more about these products, as well as, our 10 day turnaround times, 24 hour rush service and direct mailing services that can help you find the extra space and time that you crave all while giving your students what they NEED!

Publish the perfect catalog with approved accurate curriculum seamlessly with CourseLeaf CAT and CIM

Who uses your catalog and what are they looking for? The catalog is one of the most important collections of information on campus. It can also showcase what makes your institution unique and differentiates you from the other choices students have to further their education. See how CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) can deliver a dynamic, student-engaging marketing dimension to your online catalog, while CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) can transform your curriculum proposal process with automated workflow, online course and program proposals, automated approval notifications, and easy tracking of proposal status. Your Faculty and Curriculum Administrators can easily track edits and status, identify affected departments, and publish curriculum committee agendas. The end result is an integrated catalog and curriculum process from proposal all the way through publishing to students!

Pairing the Experience of a Veteran and the Energy of a Rookie

How do we stay fresh, keep learning, and think like rookie while using our knowledge and experience? This session will examine what it takes to be Rookie Smart.

Rise: Becoming an Innovative Leader

Come find out Higher Education professionals can be innovative leaders in their current positions.

Rise & Roar: Transitioning from Mid-level Staff to Senior-Level Staff

What's the secret to success? How do you get from here to there? Are you content where you are? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years professionally? Come hear from a senior level University official about ways to effectively transition from a mid-level to a senior level position.

How to Lead Without Director in Your Title

Leadership is all about influence, and while we typically look to our directors, influence begins day one. This session will explore many of the skills you can utilize to lead those around you while developing practical skills of the trade. This is a great session for new counselors looking to advance in the profession or managers looking to develop junior staff.